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Entry: 18

The green akk pup leapt and pranced about a field outside the base. A small patch of green in the vista of brown, it clamped it’s powerful jaws loudly at bugs that flew about. Content to wear herself out attacking things she would never catch. The orange haired master sat a few meters away, watching in the grass. Smoking and enjoying the sun that beat down on his nearly bald head. It was quiet out, no explosions, only soft rumblings of vehicles and distant voices. But it was solitude, peaceful. Smoke drifted out of his nose as he drifted away with it.

He could remember love. Not what he had recently… Experienced with the Weaver. No, it was a different love, when it was new and fresh, unsullied and pure. When it opened a new set of emotion and a gateway into your true self. Young, he was so young when he left for training. No older than sixteen, he had forged his own documents to leave his past and start new… No, start over was more apt. When he was a marine and all the others laughed at him and pushed him about for his size. But he never cared, he just kept his eyes down and his ears open. They called him Orange, but there was one who never joined in. A large man, huge and strong, beautiful and graceful. The purest form of a warrior, he was the embodiment of power, and he was gentle.

The Agent laughed to himself as he lit another ciggara and watched Puddles dig a hole. He didn’t stop her. The Warrior was green of eye and brown hair, well what hair you could see on his trimmed scalp. He was posted on the base that the younger was training at, they only crossed on brief occasions, but the orange haired man-child was infatuated. He watched him with eyes that were still brown, untouched by spice. It was a love story, it could not have gone any different.

It was all traced to one sole event, one pivotal touch that spun him into a frenzy. It was years later, the other man had gone and returned to the base, but he was still the same. The young Marine now twenty… And his love had revived deep in his breast. He was now at the same level of eye with the Warrior, but not of the same stature. He was still thin, and still quiet. But now no one bothered him, he was just the sniper, the one that never got deployed. But he watched again from a distance, and he grew tired.
He managed to get to the Mess Hall early and picked out the proper spot. He sat, unable to stomach but a few bites before his stomach screamed in anxious agony. The large man sat down next to him, and the young Marine began to sweat. The meal was nearly over, they were all about to leave, and his hand touched his, a slow swipe. Normal circumstance would dictate no eye contact, it was a simple touch… But they looked at one another and shared a shy smile. But it was gone as soon as it came. No one could see.

They soon talked, boring speech of goings on, then they began to run with each other early in the morning through the Kaas mists and they talked of their fears. Then they began to walk together and talked of their dreams. Never of their pasts, they only knew each other in the now. Present. But a day came, the young Marine received his first deployment, to a destroyer with his platoon. They met the day off, the now made man with the orange hair and the hulking gentle beast. Behind a barracks, away from the eye they hated, they kissed. It was short, but he could feel his rough hands on his face and body. His strong heart…

The Watcher was knocked over, Puddles standing on his chest, licking and nipping at his ears drawing blood, he didn’t mind. He smiled and moved the dog off, he rose and walked with the akk at his heels. He was not jaded because of love lost, no, that didn’t do it. But he never saw his Warrior again, but that was alright.

Everyone deserved to love once.