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Entry: 21

The fiend sat naked on the side of the bed. Some where in the night his sleep aids had worn too early, he couldn’t manage without them. He made a mental note to up the dosage on that. Ambient light was projected from small tracks of color, but not enough to wake the sleeping grey woman on the other side of their shared bed. Her skin already projected dusk, the fog of her skin was ripped by black on her face, long whips of ink stretching and accenting her face. His eyes drifted to his own right arm, wicked, jagged marks tore from his wrist showing in vile black and up to chest and back. His fingers now holding the same dark toyed with a metal bout half the size of his palm, fingers twisted it up onto the pads of his fingers.

They turned, and when straightened the to show the perpetrating palm, it was gone. But the prestige… His fingers flicked and it was back into the fingers. He found no joy in it, things lost there magic when you knew the heart of it. He hoped that was just in sleight of hand. The disk was put back into his palm, the other set of tricked fingers picked up a golden metal disk of the same size from the night stand. His palms met together with silence, the hands rubbed together, the lip of gold sliding under the dull metal. With flourish and a sticky palm it was transmuted into gold. With nothing to be seen for it’s metamorphosis. But the twin of the magical palm creeped open, the center of his hand a sheen less metallic color.

The hands turned and the two disks clattered to the floor and rolled into the hell under his bed. The now idle digits rested on his knees as he stared at the wall in a blank way. He knew all the tricks, now he only found happiness when he got the surprise and awe on the face of a drunk cantina girl… And Juke. His nails buried into the meat of his hand tightly, she was not the same vapid girl she played for others and played for herself. She wasn’t and it made him angry.

He stood unclothed and awake, he slipped on a pair of tight shorts and exited with silence under feet and darkness at his back. He wandered the ship as he so often did when the elusiveness of peace managed to elude. His steps found him in the engine room, staring up at the slowly turning turbine and the heated reactor core. The room projected a cold listless blue light, his skin looking like a Chiss in everything but feature. He read the readouts, memorized the numbers and left to stalk past his silent droid. The cargo bay was occupied as well, the green akk dog stirred and yipped at her owner, eyes keen in the black.She made a matching happy sound, the master hushed her and bent down on knees to pet and touch the hard hide. Her already long and strong tail flailed side to side, knocking crate and cargo. The Watcher smiled and moved her to the middle of the room. The beast was tired, so it rolled to her side and allowed the soft hands of a human to stroke her underbelly.

Soon she was snoring in short huffs, leg twitching in some perfection of a dream. The Agent crawled around behind the green pup and held onto her side, even through hide and scale she was warm. He didn’t even mind the spines chaffing his own stomach. He was soon matched in breathing with her, his petrified black lungs matching the short huffs of the still growing Akk. Sleep was hared between them.

He had even forgot to take his pills.

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